Friday, April 3, 2020

Life Under COVID-19 Quarantine

So...elephant in the room. I used the Coronavirus outbreak as an excuse to start this blog. I wanted a place to throw up D&D recaps as well as whatever else I felt like writing, be them thoughts on things I like, short stories, whatever, and since my current job is working at a low capacity and I wanted to stay home for the sake of not making anything worse if I could avoid it, I needed something productive to do anyway.

It's actually kind of funny. I had actually applied to a graduate program near where I live, and I got rejected about a month before this all happened, and while at the time, it was a huge bummer, it's interesting seeing how little that's come to matter. And I don't say that for fear that we're heading for a depression or that the market will never recover or anything like that. I truly think we're going to make it through this. But it is interesting to see how my daily life has become, both in ways it's changed and ways it hasn't.

There are definitely a few obvious ways that life has changed. Obviously, I can't really go to a lot of places I used to. I've become acutely aware of how often I touch my face. My internal clock is all out of whack, though admittedly because I work early mornings it wasn't exactly normal in the first place, and returning to that schedule will be an adjustment.

Branching off the difference in schedules, on a positive note I get to spend a lot more time with my wife, who is also stuck at home because her place of work is closed until further notice. Sure, she has been busy working on things for her job from home, but considering the fact that she worked a normal day schedule, what little time we got to spend together during the week was in the evenings before I would go to bed. From that, the fact that we're home at the same time is a bit of an unexpected upgrade.

All that being said, surprisingly there are a few ways my life hasn't changed all that much since the outbreak.

I think I'm more or less used to the toll that solitude can take on a person's psyche. I say that because it's an observation I'm making on a discord server I am a part of. On an almost daily basis you can see how the lack of social interaction is affecting the various members there, something that likely isn't helped by the constant news coverage. It's on everyone's minds, so everyone is, naturally, on edge. That being said, for whatever reason, maybe since I'm used to being by myself for long stretches of time during the day, maybe I've unconsciously just gotten better at coping with that.

The fact that I can't go anywhere kind of sucks, but to be honest it isn't as if I had a lot of places to go before this all happened anyway. I live outside of a nearby city, so going anywhere involved a 15 minute or so drive anyway, so I usually didn't go anywhere unless I was already in the area or had other things to do in that area. What? Gas is expensive.

The real question will be how much life will continue to be disrupted, but I suppose the best thing to say is stay safe, don't go anywhere if you don't have to, stop hoarding all the freaking toilet paper, and hang in there. We're gonna make it through this.

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