RPG Stories

Se'Kai Campaign (Homebrew Setting)

Part 1: Introductions and Getting Up To Speed
Part 2: Big Trouble In Little Doncaster
Part 3: Why Are We Splitting The Party Again?
Part 4: The One Where Everyone Gets Really Violent For Some Reason
Part 5: Minor Acts of Arson
Part 6: Now What?
Part 7: HMS Her Majesty's Mimic Takes Flight
Part 8: Fallout
Part 9: Business Sim 1995: Good Luck To Somen Hing
Part 10: Yikes. Just Yikes.
Part 11: Everyone Likes The Water Temple, Right?
Part 12: Yu-Gi-Oh Intensifies!
Part 13: We're Almost There

Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus

Other RPG Stories

Outside of our main campaign, I have a lot of experience to draw from in tabletop RPGs, and in that experience came a lot of cool stories and moments.

That Time Our Bard Accidentally Started A Zombie Apocalypse
The Invincible Troll