Friday, May 22, 2020

The Invincible Troll

So, this story is from a completely different RPG than Dungeons & Dragons, namely Shadowrun, a cyberpunk fantasy game taking place in a magical not too distant future where corporations more or less control the world. Oh, I'm not talking about what is likely around the corner for us, that is unless real, actual magic appears and people start taking forms of elves, dwarves, or, as the title of this story implies, trolls.

In this crime-infested world, many people struggle to make ends meet, leading them to resort to some less legitimate methods of making ends meet, including working as Shadowrunners, people who take odd jobs ranging from protection to espionage to theft to murder. It's not a pleasant lifestyle, but those that are good at it can find themselves living lifestyles they could only previously imagine. Those that are bad? Take a guess.

Our story focuses on one such group, and one specific member of one such group. A Russian troll, armed to the teeth.

The first mission involved sneaking into a location in order to rescue a missing girl and find some information for later in the story, and indeed, sneaking happened, but only because the troll opted to plant himself outside the front door and open fire with the gatling gun he carried.

Naturally he was met by a facility full of resistance, and was eventually taken down, but not before leaving a huge pile of bodies in front of the building. By the time the alarm to the back of the building was tripped and the rest of the security force went to investigate, the infiltration team was gone, leaving the magic user of the party to quickly resuscitate the troll.

A few weeks later, the team was contracted again, this time to intercept a convoy of trucks carrying something important (which I don't really remember the specifics of because it was like four years ago) The decision was to have two of the infiltration team hijack the trucks themselves and try to drive them to a specific rendezvous location. The team's hacker and magic user would be outside trying to make sure nothing went wrong, and the troll got the special job of infiltrating a truck full of security personnel that was somewhere in the convoy.

By the way, these trucks were armored. This is an important detail that the troll's player exploited.

Once the trucks started going off-course, the troll set about handling the security force in the only way he knew how. By dropping some live grenades in the back of an armored vehicle and praying he had enough HP to soak up the damage. Which, through a combination of his ludicrous health and some very, very lucky rolls of the dice, he did. His fellow passengers, however, were not so lucky.

Though considering the cosmetic damage a grenade does to a person, he was damaged enough to not only be completely unrecognizable, but even pronounced dead at the scene, citing the "Nobody Could Survive That" rule. It was at this point that our mage tearfully claimed him as her son and requested that she take the body to give him a proper burial within her religion. The officer that investigated the scene reluctantly agreed, and the mage was able to scamper off with the troll and heal him where nobody could see what was happening.

These were some of the more ridiculous feats that this guy pulled off, but it kind of became a small metagame for his player and the GM of what the most ridiculous, life-threatening scenario he could throw his character into and survive. Yes, this is the same player that is Jangle in my currently running Se'Kai campaign, why do you ask?

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