Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Quitting Soda: Day 1

 I'm still experimenting with the format of these posts so this will probably be rough.

Day one wasn't too bad. I was expecting to have the standard headaches that come from caffeine withdrawal but they haven't happened yet. They'll probably crop up in the next couple days. I mainly expected them today because I had a miserable job falling asleep at night. I kept tossing and turning until about midnight, which under normal circumstances, while not ideal, isn't terrible, but when you have to wake up at 4 AM to get to work at 4:45, it's not exactly a pleasant experience.

This sort of becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, as I have trouble sleeping due to caffeine consumption (even if I limit it close to bedtime, some days it works better than others), which makes me tired when I have to work, which makes me want caffeine, and so on. So I've been really tired, but that was a bit of a blessing in disguise because I wasn't really tempted to go anywhere, which meant that I had no opportunity to buy any soda.

The lack of caffeine has also made me feel more sleepy later in the day (current time being a little after 7 PM) which means I'll probably get to sleep faster and hopefully sleep better.

So all in all I'd probably say that Day 1 has been a success. After all, you can't give in to temptation if you're too tired for the temptation in the first place.

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