Thursday, August 20, 2020

Quitting Soda: Day 2

Going to bed on time and getting a decent night's sleep helped immensely, but I still found myself really tired this morning. Part of it is definitely my work schedule, but part of it is also probably lethargy due to cutting out caffeine and dropping my sugar intake. I'm most certainly not hydrating enough either, but that's something I've always struggled with. That's also something my wife is extremely good at. She always carries a water bottle, something I could probably be better about.

Honestly, the first week always feels the hardest, as you have to do as much as you did before (life doesn't stop just because you're trying to set new healthy habits) with less than the usual amount of energy. I suppose that's why addictive substances are so dangerous, as they trick the body into needing that boost in order to function. Though again, a sort of blessing in disguise is the fact that doubt I'll have trouble sleeping tonight. Heck, I could probably go to bed right now and be just fine, though I did want to put an update out there to at least hold myself accountable.

Since I officially started (not counting Day 0) I haven't been to a store yet so I haven't really had to fight off any sort of temptation, and even the day of, I'd already had my fill and had decided that that would be the end of it.

Which isn't to say I haven't had the opportunity. Part of the fun of my work schedule is I'm home alone during the day quite a bit. Nobody would even know if I went out and got something, though I think my wife would see right through me since I'm a terrible liar, which is both a blessing and a curse.

I have been out to order food. Since my wife is doing that Healthy Democracy panel for our state, I offered to run to a fast food place to grab some easy food. If I had been feeling more energetic/motivated I probably could have/should have made something for her, but that's an entirely different can of worms. Either way, I ordered food and didn't order anything to drink.

Good thing, too, since any caffeine this late would probably screw up my sleeping schedule again, and though tomorrow is Friday and I could basically coast through my work day I would really prefer not to.

I'd write more, but as I'm sure I've hammered in, I'm tired. I'm alive, and I'm 2/2 in terms of successful days, but I'm also tired.

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